About APS

Alternative Power Systems (APS) is a complete alternative energy solutions provider with offices in New York City, New York and Pensacola, Florida. APS has become one of the fastest growing alternative energy solutions companies in the United States partnering with both US-based and top International companies, including M&W Group, Philips Lighting US, Tip Capital and many others. Our primary goal is to provide businesses and organizations with a broad array of the most efficient and effective alternative energy and lighting solutions possible. From performing on-site energy audits, to final installation, APS engages in every step of the process to fulfill our client’s goals for a modern energy efficient outcome. We provide our clients with customized alternative energy solutions that achieve their goals through a reduced reliance on the electrical grid, significantly reduced carbon footprint, reduced costs, and achieving their financial goals. APS utilizes a combination of technologies to accomplish these goals. We operate under a systems integration model thereby allowing us to incorporate best in class products from proven suppliers to produce superior solutions in each product class for each customer’s needs.

In late 2012 APS became one of three companies globally, the only U.S. based company, to receive certification from North Carolina State University - Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery Management Foundation (FREED’M Foundation). Our design and systems integration Team has provided successful solution after solution attracting clients such as Principal Financial Group, Ford Dealership Groups, Bank of the West and many others.

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