Energy Consulting Services

APS’ alternative energy consulting experts have assisted international governments, state and local municipalities, non-for profit organizations, and corporations meet their near- and long-term objectives for alternative energy solutions.

Although our footprint has been providing services and solutions to developing countries, we have recently expanded our US operations through strategic partnerships and rapid expansion of our high level US client base. We assist clients through the entire spectrum of the industry and are recognized globally for our leadership of implementing alternative energy solutions.

We assist clients to create value through alternative energy technologies by:
  • Determining a realistic outlook for alternative energy technology performance versus traditional energy consumption and usage.
  • Identifying current inefficiencies of energy usage and making long term recommendations through highly efficient alternative methods to reduce consumption by 50-100%.
  • Recommending a combination of technologies, utilizing a broad array of global vendors, to create the best case scenario for our clients. Since APS is a third party consulting firm, we are not restricted to the implementation of global technologies/products, and are capable of achieving longer life expectancy, more efficient and a quicker ROI on our alternative power systems.
  • Enhanced financing programs that provide the most competitive interest rates, extended terms, and creative approach that includes a “zero money down”, “cash flow positive” month one scenario.