Company Services

We offer comprehensive consulting and engineering services to support the assessment, development, and implementation of alternative and reduced energy consumption based projects.

Our Services effectively take your project from inception through operation. We also support clients in their evaluation of the feasibility of new technologies by assessing technology risks involved with project development, construction, and operation.

Services Overview

Our alternative energy consulting services complement our design and engineering services by integrating our extensive technical and financial expertise.

Our typical client is often impressed by the reductions in utility cost compared to the installation cost of our system recommendations. The majority of our clients elect to utilize our "zero money down" financing programs, which often provide a "cash flow" positive month one scenario after installation.

APS takes pride in our ability to provide the highest level of "green" energy solutions to our clients.

Our commitment is to understand the extent of our clients expectations and desires for every developmental project, building long term relationships, providing the highest quality results, and maximizing sustainability efforts on every project.